After a very long English winter and immense work pressure , I found myself jaded by the whole surf thing, some days there was plenty swell but the wind was either howling in the wrong direction, or it was just freezing and I simple felt like I had lost my stoke. The final straw was me racing myself to A&E for an emergency appendix removal, lying in hospital I thought, “I definitely need a surf trip”.

As luck happens my best friend is a surf guide on board the Kaimana which charters around the Mentawais. I had always planned to go, but it always panned out that something else came up, this time I was adamant.

On the 27th of April we set sail from Padang headed for the Ments, what happened after that can only be described as the best thing I could have ever done for myself (exactly what the doctor ordered), for the next ten days I got to surf flawless surf in pristine surroundings, everything from scary to the most playful surf, from heaving Greenbush to skatepark like Roxys. The Crew waited on us hand & foot and made my stay aboard the Kaimana  amazing. Stan my best mate and guide made sure we were on the best waves the islands could spit out for us and general smiles and laughs all round.

Needless to say my stoke is back and I’m frothing harder than ever to surf all the time I feel like an excited grom again!!! Special thanks goes out to my amazing wife who allowed me to go and ran the household while I was getting barrelled of my nut. Big thanks to Elusive clothing, Bodyglove wetsuits, Hurricane and Nigel Semmens surfboards for the continued and appreciated support and huge thank you to Surging Waters and the Kaimana , go check out their website and book a trip, it will take you weeks to get the smirk off your face…. I still look like the Cheshire Cat.

Words: Warren Tuck

Photos: Stan Badger

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